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Pirates Glory
Lords of War and Money
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Lords of War and Money description
Our free game features spectacular Flash turn-based combats and a complex economical system. Constant updates, multitude of playing options, fine balance and a friendly helpful community will certainly make LordsWM worth your time.

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#1 Posted at 2009-03-05 19:20:34 Rating: 8
Lords of War and Money is a completely FREE!! online broswergame.
The game is easy to learn and there are not much restrictions.
You dont need to come online every day, if you dont log in for a week or more, your character has no disadvantages at all!
This strategy turn based browsergame is based on the series of Heroes of Might and Magic.
There are many guilds to train, hunters, laborers, mercernarys, smiths, gamblers etc etc.]
There are 7 different factions, each with their own units and skills. And the admins keep updating the game with new events, new artifacts, new monsters and much more updates!

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