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Zorg Empire
Angry Kings
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Angry Kings description
Angry Kings is a free persistent browser based game. A medieval nation simulator of sorts played in semi-real time, using text and a bit of graphics to allow players the ability to control an estate and develop it into a thriving kingdom threw the ability to command and conquer their neighbors.
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#1 Posted at 2009-04-10 04:42:03 Rating: 9
This game is a strategy game where a player has to balance the management of his estates by feeding his people and military forces with the concept of conquering your neighbors. The idea seems solid, and interesting interface, while combat is a bit stiff, it does get a player involved in a situations of player
interaction. The game offers alliances, in-game email with paid features to customize each of your estates. There is no limit to the number of estates a player may own. Buildings and military units are created instantly, with no build time. (A+) Population does take time to grow. There is no tuns to spend or earn,
and you can play as little or as much as you want and should be able to stay up to par with the other players. This game offers the ability to play as a guest without fully registering, but a few features are turned off. Overall this is a nice addition to the nation simulation genre of PBBG on the net today.

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