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Cyclingforfun description
Do you like cycling? If you like it, I'm sure you will enjoy CYCLINGFORFUN!!!! The game is a cycling manager totally free. In the game you can promote riders, choose your staff, buy a new equipment and think the best strategies.rnrnThe game is organized in different groups and divisions. Each group has 75 teams who compete between them. Each division has different groups depends on the category of that. rnrnThe season has 118 stages. Every season we ride the tours (giro, tour, vuelta) but in 10 real stages and the UCI most important races. rnrnYou can use 5 riders at every stage (your team have 20). You have to decide who is/are the best riders for this stage and put the best tactic (using different roles leader, free role, helper..).rnrnWe run every day from Monday to Saturday twice a day so you can compete in 12 races a week. Moreover the National Teams compete once a week.rnrnIf you need some information you can read the help (Dutch, English, Spanish, Danish....) or you can ask in the forum (every country has his own section in the forum). Some new languages can be add if users are interested in. If you want you can use the mail in the game, my team is PANTANI28 and I could help you. rnrnIf you like cycling, I'm sure it will be your game. We are 20 countries but there are some with very few users.
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