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Cosmic Supremacy
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Cosmic Supremacy description
Cosmic Supremacy is a FREE tick/turn-based massively multiplayer strategy game with a 3D 'Galaxy View' interface. You share a galaxy with hundreds of players each with their own civilization. Explore the galaxy around you, discover new solar systems, colonise new planets, and expand your empire. Research new advanced technologies so that you can build faster and stronger ships that will give you the edge in epic battles.
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#1 Posted at 2017-06-28 04:58:08 Rating: 10
The graphics and concepts are the best for an online FREE game.

#2 Posted at 2012-08-13 05:10:20 Rating: 10
Cosmic Supremacy is an awesome game, I have been playing it for quite some time now.

What it is: This is a turn-based, 4x style (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) space based strategy game. You download the client which is what the game is played in, allowing more features than if it was played in a browser. To accurately describe the game play, I would say it is a mix between; a real time
strategy such as starcraft, and that of a persistent civilization building type game such as evony or sid meier's civilization. There are many things which set Cosmic Supremacy apart from these, however.

First off, the game is free. It was developed by a game creator that was looking to make the best game in its class and to stimulate an online community which plays it. It was NOT designed to generate income. The game is supported by donations which are completely voluntary. There are no pay elements at all such as
what other 'free' games have.

This game is multiplayer, pitting you against others online. The way it works: Various different game matches, each one called a 'galaxy' is created and posted on the game's website. The start date and time is given for these and a sign up period is given. Depending on your skill and ranking you have
access to different galaxies which can have very different characteristics. A galaxy could be a 'speed' galaxy, played over a manner of hours, a normal galaxy lasting 3-6 weeks, or an even longer one lasting months. This all depends on the galaxy's turn length.

You start out with a planet and a few colonization ships. You then go to work building your planets up, colonizing more planets, researching technologies, building custom ships you design and build in factories on your planets and ultimately go to war with against other players in the same galaxy. You will fight your
enemy to take control of his planets, while defending your own. You will engage in ship vs. ship battles with fleets of hundreds of custom ships, whose attributes are designed by the players that built them.

A beginner to the game has access to an excellent wiki site which explains all of the game's mechanics in fully disclosed terms, no having to backwards engineer things in game trying to figure it out like other games, it is all on that site and easy to understand. Also, the community has a very active forum with
helpful members willing to help you learn how to play. Also, you can try the game out in a single player version which you can use to perfect your starting skills at playing.

At last I must mention the two most amazing aspects of this game that I have not seen in any others: Governors and Admirals. A Governor is a set of rules you can write, as simple or as involved as you wish, for how you want your planets to behave. This not only eliminates most of the micromanagement games of this
nature demand from the player, BUT ALSO it allows you to log off, have a life outside of the game and still do extremely well and continue to gain power in game! For instance, I have written a very nice one which controls all my planets activities, such as every single building to build from colonization or conquering
a fresh planet, how to distribute my workforce and it does all of these things while being sensitive to the planet's strengths and weakness. For instance, if the planet is one whose attributes favor manufacturing, it will build more factories, or if it is a good researching planet, it will build along those lines.

Admirals are the same idea, except they are for controlling your ships. You can actually write a fairly simple admiral which you can tell it exactly how to attack enemy planets, and have your conquering take place when you aren't even online! You can also write them to defend your planets, etc.

All in all, I rate this game VERY HIGHLY. I have been looking for a very challenging game to play in my spare time, yet still have a life outside of the game and that I don't have to log in every hour of every day to manage.

Give it a try, you have NOTHING to lose! Tell them SuPeR NooB sent ya!

#3 Posted at 2011-01-17 08:33:17 Rating: 10
Cosmic Supremacy is best strategy game I've ever played. So many options and ways to play this game. I recomend this game to everyone!

#4 Posted at 2010-06-01 00:20:53 Rating: 10
Connahkil is Back: Fantastic. This game is amazing. Highly recommended to all!

#5 Posted at 2010-03-26 12:01:38 Rating: 0
This game is NOT GOOD. Why are all of these admin written "reviews" allowed to flood this page?

#6 Posted at 2010-03-13 02:19:46 Rating: 10
Cosmic Supremacy is a tick/turn-based massively multiplayer space strategy game with a 3D 'Galaxy View' interface. You share a galaxy with hundreds of players each with their own alien civilization. Some of them might turn out to be your enemies, others could be your allies. You need to explore the galaxy
around you, discover new solar systems, colonize new planets, and expand your empire. You can design every ship in your fleet, and research new advanced technologies so that you can build faster and stronger ships that will give you the edge in epic battles.

#7 Posted at 2010-03-13 02:06:33 Rating: 10
The best thing that i like about this game, is there is new galaxies opening up all the time. its not just one long game that you have to start miles behind everyone else. Each game starts afresh and its up to your strategy and skill to survive. Well, that and the fact that its also free! lol..

#8 Posted at 2010-03-13 01:39:54 Rating: 10
Its like Civ in Space.. wow.. and its the best space mmo Ive ever played as well.. New games are starting every week, you really have to come and see it for yourself, it has everything you could want in a space mmo..

#9 Posted at 2010-03-13 01:31:02 Rating: 10
Wow, Why didn't i find this sooner? Its like Civ4, except online, and planets instead of cities.. And its Free!... You have to give it a go...

#10 Posted at 2010-03-13 01:19:29 Rating: 10
One of the best turn based strategy games Ive played. it pretty much has everything. I used to play Travian, but you cant even sleep in that game, Cosmic Supremacy has a nice programmable governor system that can handle some of the basic's while your afk..

If you like Travian, give this a go instead..

#11 Posted at 2010-03-11 23:07:09 Rating: 10
Don't wait to try this game out! It is very easy to use and see your info. Each screen allows you to give your commands without having to go back and forth between screens. The galaxy map is VERY informative and capable of commanding ship movement right from the screen. Govenors and admirals allow you to give
commands to be followed in your absence and the community of players are eager to help with any questions anyone has!
Try it now! You'll love it...I know I do!

#12 Posted at 2010-02-05 00:09:55 Rating: 10
The best space mmo ever!! give it a try

#13 Posted at 2010-01-20 00:43:02 Rating: 9
This game is amazing. i came into it thinking it to be another one of those 2D games where your ships just move up down left or right. but man im glad i stumbled onto this game, the community is great and Erwin ( the creator acualy replys to questions. 9/10 great game

#14 Posted at 2009-12-09 03:20:15 Rating: 10
very fun addictive game this is a |FREE| turn based mmsg with 2d/3d galaxy interface i suggest u check this out

#15 Posted at 2009-10-17 18:24:59 Rating: 10
If you ever played and liked a space strategy game you can not afford to miss this one.

I've been out-of-the loop on games for a while, but a couple of weeks ago i decided to try some on-line games, i signed-up for dosens and didnt found what i was loooking for. Then i found Cosmic Supremacy, i downloaded a tiny client, and hoped it will work on my ancient PC.

I tryed it and was immediately hooked on it, it is amazing.

In the beggining you start in a Sandbox Galaxy, all players are newbies, so you dont get into too many fights, which is a good thing, if you are anything like me and dont read the manual. Even if you do, the other players will eat you alive. You can concentrate to colonize new planets, develop them and build your
conquest fleets, you'll need them.

When you get the hang of it, you can sign into a normal galaxy with experienced players, ussually that is when the troubles begin. In the start there are something like 30-40 players in a galaxy, each fighting to be on top, at the end only a few are left.
Brute force wont always help you to win, but combined with diplomacy, trade and treatyes you just might have a chance. It's better to have your team fighting someone than someones team fighting you.

You can sign into many galaxies at the same time, but i dont recomend it at first, you really should finish atleast one before that.

The game has beautifull 3D graphics. Galaxy with suns, planets, ships and wormholes. It is easy to learn and play. You can micromanage everything or assign a few governors, depending on your preferences, play style and the time you have.
It has an extensive research tree, custom ship designs, scanning and in-game messaging between players. Cool graphics and 3D galaxy view. A perfect ammount of control over your empire. Options given to the player were very well thought over and there is nothing missing or too much, which is rare to say the least.
Easy to learn but complex to play.
Over all, one of the best games ever and its free.

#16 Posted at 2009-09-10 06:52:22 Rating: 10
I'm completely addicted to this game. For fans of MoO, or civ type games this is a must. The 3D galaxy view also sets it apart from your average browser game. It requires a small client, but installation is a snap and it runs smooth and small. Awesome game.

#17 Posted at 2009-09-04 03:29:22 Rating: 10
This game is a fun innovative game compared to your normal
MMORPG's with a 3D universe the possibilities
are endless it takes skill determination and Alliances to win..
are you up to the challenge?


#18 Posted at 2009-08-21 19:57:04 Rating: 0
I have played all tick based online multiplayer games... but this is THE BEST. It includes 3D game play, custom ships, option of paying for special features, or even customizing citizens on your planets. You can even own 30 planets and attack others in a galaxy to gain points for more galaxys. This is a must play for
all Tick based game players. Oh and I have played Travian, Ikariam, Battledawn, and about 3 others, THIS IS FOR SURE THE BEST!


#19 Posted at 2009-08-17 02:45:31 Rating: 1

#20 Posted at 2009-07-15 19:18:43 Rating: 10
Remember how you loved "Master/s of Orion?" No? No matter kid... this game will have you hooked in two days flat. Free to play! Challenge online opponents. Turn based empire building and conquest. And it sucks up little to no computer juice... I give you your new game fix, "Cosmic Supremacy." P.S. The galaxy map
rocks (and interacts beautifully with a well laid out empire overview)!

#21 Posted at 2009-07-14 18:55:06 Rating: 0
Fun game, friendly people. and a small easy to run game, for anyone


#22 Posted at 2009-07-12 20:40:52 Rating: 10
I've been looking a long time for a space-strategy game worth the amount of time that's devoted to it. Cosmic supremacy is that game. If your looking for a genuine 4x gaming expirence, then the time has come to quit wasting massive amounts of time for mediocre gameplay and join the CS nation!

#23 Posted at 2009-07-08 13:35:23 Rating: 10
UH OH...those of u who grew up with MOO and CIV, got stuck in those games for hours/days even months and were waiting for something as great as those oldschool stars all those years when nothing, really nothing came even close to : ! STAY AWAY ! THIS IS SERIOUZ ! ITS BACK ! OMG ! THEY, respectivly HIM did it again !
Better than anything u even have to pay lots of money for...

Outstanding 10/10 for revitalising a gamestyle on MMORPG scale some tried and all failed till now

#24 Posted at 2009-06-19 21:26:20 Rating: 10
Well, this game is still not perfect, but it's better than anything else I found on the net. Actually it's the only MMO that I bother to play right now. It's a 4x space strategy game, more similar to Civilization than Master of Orion 2 in its gameplay, but much more focused on wars than Civilization.
Graphics are good, much better than in browser games, yet the client is only 4 megs!
Interface is ok, there are galaxies for newbies where you can learn everything you must learn. It's complex enough but I think there's room for improvement there. The great thing is that the community is very lively and members bring often their suggestions, so everybody can partecipate and actively bring
his contribute to improve the game, that is already good!
Since I started playing it, there have been already improvements and I hope it will go on like this :)

Keep on the good job, it's the best game on the net so far!

#25 Posted at 2009-06-16 07:26:13 Rating: 10
A great game that knows how to strike a balance between trimming away dead weight but still offering an in depth gaming experience. The 3d visuals are a great touch to an already solid game while still offering the light weight of browser based games. Cosmic Supremacy is a must play for anyone into the strategy

#26 Posted at 2009-06-11 23:37:55 Rating: 10
This game is great and I doubt that there are better ones among the 4X online games. The interface is full 3d, gameplay is complex enough but still accessible. If you are a Civ and Master of Orion 2 fan, you cannot miss it

#27 Posted at 2009-06-10 20:12:33 Rating: 10
This game offers a perfect mix between real time strategy games and persistent MMO's. If you like MoO or Civilization you will feel instantly at home! The 3D galaxy looks awesome!!

#28 Posted at 2009-06-10 14:24:11 Rating: 10
After playing Ogame I was looking for a free space strat game with hopefully 3D environment... I found it

Cosmic Supremacy has a solid core, addictive and fun gameplay. It ticks all the boxes, whilst offering expanding options.

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