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Best Mmorpgs

1.Zorg Empire
Zorg Empire
2.Pirates Glory
3.Battle for Serios
6.Rage Of War
7.Rising of a King
9.Star Tactics
10.Terra Bellica

1.Eternal Wars
Eternal Wars
2.Crimson Moon
4.The Two Towers MUD
6.Warriors of the Universe
7.Zombi Days
8.Zombie Pandemic
9.Dark Warriors
10.Mafia Legends

1.Mafia Returns
Mafia Returns
2.Booty Master
3.The Gangster Life
4.World Mafia Madness
5.American Mobster
7.Gangster Crimes
10.The Crime Mafia
Sports / Managers

1.Cura Manager
Cura Manager
2.IceShoot hockey manager
5.Online Hockey League
6.Car Racing Game
8.MMA Havoc
9.Street Racers

08/01 - Zorg Empire Generals: New tournament universe
Zorg Empire Tournament Universe: GENERALS has just
launched! ...
07/20 - Origins-Return - Leonis Universe
Oriigns-Return is bringing out a brand new unvierse
called Leonis. This Universe sha...
03/06 - Pirates Glory: Voodoo System launched!
Pirates Glory launches new feature: VOODOO
SYSTEM!! Come play now the ...
11/24 - Zombie Pandemic
As Zombie Pandemic just crossed 500.000 players, we
decided to launch a huge amount of new features....
12/03 - Zorg Empire: New SPEED universe
Zorg Empire has launched a NEW SPEED universe! In
Zorg Empire, you take the r...
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User Reviews
12/08 - Illyriad
Illyriad is excellent game. Not a lot of flashy, intense
graphics but the game has a good community ...
10/27 - Zorg Empire
OMG! WTF, anyone who has played astroempires and Zorg
Empire, plays Zorg Empire! ZE better game hand...
10/12 - Zorg Empire
Just a poorly designed game all round. If you like the
'research, explore, colonize' onlin...
09/03 - Thanadar
Is just a spectacular game for a relaxed player, but
allows a micro-managing AI to really show off. ...
03/30 - GangstaBigHouse
Great game! Only one where admins joke with you on
public chat, and they actually take into account ...
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